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1995: AIRman, Inc. was founded by Stephen Burke.  Originally a hobby, Burke decided to incorporate “AIRman, Inc. Manufacturers of Specialty Pneumatic Equipment”.  He utilized his decades of Fluid Power experience spanning valves, cylinders, regulators, connectors and conductors, both pneumatic and hydraulic to establish a business to develop and produce custom products not found in any catalogs.  His simple approach: ‘Start with a blank sheet of paper, understand the application and give the client exactly what he needs”.
1997: AIRman moved into a 1200 square foot office in Walled Lake, Michigan.  Burke hired two employees to help with phones and product assembly.  Aside from small prototype fabrication the operation was limited to engineering and assembly.  Manufacturing was provided by outside suppliers.
1998: AIRman moved into a 3500 square foot industrial warehouse in Wixom, Michigan.  AIRman’s employee roster was now five people.  Operations were still limited to engineering and assembly.  The company name changed to “AIRman, Inc. Creative Pneumatics”.
1999: After suffering numerous disappointments with manufacturing supplier quality and delivery issues, AIRman invests in its first CNC machining center.  Subsequently, it becomes company policy to bring in house as much manufacturing as is practical to protect customers from quality and delivery problems.  Eventually, this includes milling, turning, grinding, finishing and welding.
2000: AIRman adds more CNC mills and employees now number nine people.  A successful internet marketing strategy has numerous fluid power distributors across the country finding new product applications and requirements.
2001: Immediately following the 911 tragedy AIRman phones stop ringing and business falls to almost no activity.  A new product strategy is developed and implemented.  Instead of solely depending on customer specified requirements a number of product platforms are developed to provide faster response for customization which minimizes engineering time and overhead.  Products for the Heavy Transport market are specifically identified and targeted.  AIRman develops its first Xtreme-Duty valves exclusively for Class 8 trucks and trailers.
2003: Demand grows quickly and the company must expand its facility.  AIRman takes over an additional warehouse unit next door and expands its total square footage to 6800.  The employee roster continues to grow and the company begins multi-shift operations.  Manufacturing is located in one warehouse while assembly is housed in the other.
2005: Another warehouse unit is added to accommodate a larger population of CNC machines to bring total facilities to 9900 square feet.  AIRman products are now being used in a variety of industries but most significantly the Heavy Transport market.  AIRman valves are used to control tailgates, lift gates, suspension fill and dump, bus kneeling and various other mobile control applications including military.
2007: AIRman moves into a brand new 17,000 square foot facility built to specification.  The lobby displays hundreds of products developed for Heavy Transport.  AIRman now employs approximately 32 people.

AIRman receives the “Edward Lowe 50 Michigan Companies to Watch” award.
2009: AIRman joins TTMA (Truck Trailer Manufacturers Association) to gain better insight into the requirements of the industry.
2010: Demand for AIRman Xtreme-Duty product for Heavy Transport application is growing at 70% year over year.  Product development expands into almost every segment of the mobile pneumatic market including tire maintenance.
2011: AIRman adds an additional 12,000 square foot building to its facility to house assembly operations.

Stephen Burke, president and founder is presented an award by “Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year”.
2012: AIRman adds 50% more manufacturing capacity to keep up with growing demand.  Additional product development includes Ride Height Controls.  AIRman employees now number almost 100.
2015: Lionheart Industrial Group purchases AIRman Products. Combining the art of imagination and creativity with the science of fluid power, called Creative Pneumatics, AIRman manufactures products that meet and exceed application challenges in the medical, oil and gas and heavy transportation industries, including products for trucks and trailers of all kinds. AIRman will serve as a platform company for Lionheart Industrial Group’s Fluid Power Products companies.

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