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Standard cylinder features and benefits…customized for your specific application...

All customized AIRman cylinders start with common features that have been developed to ensure reliable performance and longevity regardless of your particular application.  We make our cylinders tough enough to withstand the rigors of an over-the-road mobile environment with features conducive to any industrial application.   Please let us know how we may custom match our products to your application.  

  1. 6061 Barstock aluminum construction is stronger than castings.
  2. 16 RMS bore finish provides lower breakaway pressure and minimizes seal wear.
  3. Stainless steel piston rod, retaining rings or tie rods resist corrosion.
  4. Retaining ring design for compactness or tie rods for heavy duty applications.
  5. Tough Nitrile seals rated for minus 40 F work well in dirty airline conditions.
  6. Silicone based “AMI HT Lube” used to assemble AIRman cylinders won’t wash away because of airline condensation.
  7. Self lubricating oilight bronze rod bearing helps protect against side load damage .
  8. UHMW wear band provides low friction protection against sealing surface damage.
  9. Delrin rod scraper ensures against rod seal contamination.
  10. Nylon insert top lock nut secures piston to rod.


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